My Employee Benfits All Your Benefit Solutions In One Simple Package

Collateral Educator Services is a full service benefit provider specializing in educator benefits for K-14 institutions. We’re a different kind of benefit provider because we have a new approach to consulting, while providing everything you need in one location. This is important to you, because by bringing together all the components in one place we save your company time, money, and resources.

We have a better way of constructing and implementing a benefit plan, which means your company no longer has to handle the “messy work” that comes with offering employee benefits. We are independent of carriers, we have flexible enrollment options, and a comprehensive menu of products and services.

How We Help Educators

  • Only One Vendor for Entire Benefit Program.
  • Full suite of services tailored to fit your needs.
  • Flexible enrollment options.
  • Can shop multiple carriers for best products with group buying power.
  • Access to industry leading benefit technology.
Bottom Line: Our Complete Benefit Package Saves you time, money, and resources.